New Head of Customer Experience at SmartRV


Hueyshin Gan-Setu, Head of Customer Experience at SmartRV

When you’re buying a motorhome for a lifetime of adventure, Hueyshin Gan-Setu is there to make sure you have the best experience possible with SmartRV.

She joined the SmartRV team in November 2018 as the new Head of Customer Experience and brings extensive experience in the tourism industry, having worked across motorhome and car rentals over the past 14 years.

Hueyshin says she was drawn to SmartRV’s attitude. “They want to achieve great things and look after their customers. What they’re really looking to do is provide a genuine and authentic customer experience.”

As part of her role, Hueyshin looks after SmartRV’s After Sales team, who are there to support owners after they have bought their motorhomes. She says they are a crucial part of SmartRV’s offering. “After Sales is hugely important – it’s about ensuring the ownership experience is a really good one and developing long-term relationships. SmartRV owners are fiercely proud of their motorhomes and our goal is always to provide service that matches that.”

Hueyshin says it’s important for those on the After Sales team to have good technical knowledge but also be great at developing relationships. “The team is super engaged and positive and they know their owners really well. If I mention someone’s name they know exactly who I’m talking about. They’re passionate and very good when it comes to technical detail and making sure that if there is a repair required or a tailored request then we follow through on that.”

She is a keen campervanner and has enjoyed many holidays with her two children over the years. “I do try to get away with them at least once a year. I think it’s really exciting – you can travel anywhere and you’ve got everything with you so you’re not packing up and having to find hotels or motels to stay in. If it’s raining then you’ve got a TV and a WiFi connection.”

Although many tourists focus on New Zealand’s south, Hueyshin is a big fan of the North Island – particularly Taupo. “It’s a tourist hotspot and it’s really set up for campervans. They have dump stations all around the lake and a really good freedom camping car park which is only five minutes stroll into town.”

However, her favourite spot is Boyes Beach at the back of Blue Lakes in Rotorua, which has basic facilities. “What I like about it is that there aren’t ever a lot of people around. My children and I just like to spend time in the lake, and it’s only 15 minutes from central Rotorua. Most of the time you get a whole lake to yourself and that’s pretty amazing.”

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