Building Better Bürstners through Kiwi Connections


Josh Smith standing in front of a Bürstner Lyseo motorhome in Germany

A young project coordinator from SmartRV has recently embraced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share Kiwi visions of motorhome design with Bürstner’s product development team in Germany.

Josh Smith, a qualified industrial designer, spent four month on an internship with Bürstner’s design and technical teams in Kehl, Germany. Josh has been with SmartRV since 2013 and previously designed a 4x4 offroad camper for Wilderness Motorhomes called the 'Safari 4x4'. He describes the internship in Europe as a fantastic, hands-on learning experience.

“It gave me a better understanding of Bürstner’s world-wide market and vision for the future,” he says. “Customers’ expectations can really vary according to culture. It was an opportunity to contribute ideas from the New Zealand experience right at the design stage.”

In turn, SmartRV colleagues and customers at home are benefitting from Josh’s brimming enthusiasm about everything he learned. “I can share first-hand knowledge with them,” he says. “I bring a different perspective now after seeing the vehicles being built.”

SmartRV Managing Director John Managh says the highly rewarding internship demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to every aspect of customer satisfaction. “Josh was able to discuss unique New Zealand conditions and requirements while forging a close relationship with Bürstner’s product developers. That’s a win-win for our customers and future motorhome design decisions, as well as for Josh,” he adds.

The young designer was also granted a unique opportunity to work on a special Bürstner project, a Lyseo concept car for the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. He spent weeks developing ideas for the vehicle exterior, creating a fresh, sporty yet elegant design from matte bronze and copper vinyl, seeing the process through from concept to completion. “For me, from little New Zealand,” he says, “that was a highlight.”

Bürstner Lyseo Harmony motorhome on show in the caravan salon in Germany
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