Bürstner Ixeo IT680G Dresses to Impress in iMotorhome


iMotorhome reviews the Ixeo IT680G

Style, storage and savvy use of space are key attributes Malcolm Street notes in his latest iMotorhome review. In fact, he was so impressed he didn’t want to give the keys back.

Malcolm Street of iMotorhome New Zealand recently took our Bürstner Ixeo IT680G for a day test. His thorough review suggests our streamlined B class motorhome has a lot of "Street" cred.

In his words: "Whichever way you look at it, the Ixeo 680G is distinctive. The elongated roof bulge discreetly houses the longitudinal drop-down bed while preserving its overall streamlined appeal, while at the rear the shapely mouldings with integrated bumper are a change from the usual. Overall use of body colour and striping also adds to its upmarket image."

Malcolm comments on everything from the champagne body colour that "really sets the motorhome off" through to the innovative German design thinking that provides very flexible use of space.

Part of the creative use of space is the now infamous drop down bed. Malcolm is a fan. “I have to say it’s all a very smooth operation and much better than some clunky arrangements I have seen,” he comments on the use of the bed.

His quest for quality was met with Bürstner’s refined touches when it comes upholstery and finishings, along with high-grade systems that make life in a motorhome comfortable and enticing.

An example he points out is the Truma Combi 6 water and space heater.

"Bürstner don’t just install the heater with a few piped air vents in appropriate places. Instead, air spaces are created behind the seats and beds and warm air is driven by convection up the walls to create an air barrier and thus provide more even space heating. Very clever," he says.

Malcolm also seems to have the knack of sniffing out all the hidden storage spaces – from the underfloor storage in the raised kitchen area, through to the cupboard space in the "highly deceptive bathroom."

"There really shouldn’t be any complaints about a general lack of storage – it’s really quite amazing!" he quips

Malcolm wraps his review commenting on how everything is very neatly set up, where every detail is thought out and works very well together.

"A motorhome that really is something to behold."

Check out all the other reasons why Malcolm was ready to keep the Bürstner Ixeo IT680G as his own in the full review.

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