Eriba Touring Triton 420 | The Best of the 50s in 2017


Man sitting on a camping chair in front of the Touring Triton 420 caravan


The Eriba Touring Triton 420 offers the quintessential simplicity of days past — with slick new improvements according to Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations magazine reviewer Bill Savidan.

Bill is quick to note that the German-built caravan remains true to its original design heritage — a legacy that goes all the way back to 1958.

A former aircraft designer created the original blueprint. It was this influence on the caravan’s aerodynamic body form (and attention to craftsmanship) that established its reputation for impeccable handling and easy towing. This was most notable when towed behind VW Beetles all across Europe back in the 1950s.

While light and slim, the hand-built process makes for a solid home on the road.

“The nature of the build – the welded tubular steel frame, installing the insulation, fastening the inner lining and outer aluminum skin, bolting the furniture to the frame — is all done by hand. This makes the whole structure very strong,” says Wilderness' Samantha Kidson.

It’s these features that make for easy and enjoyable touring on New Zealand’s roads — along with:

  • Skillful design work for ample storage
  • A comprehensively equipped bathroom and kitchen
  • A generous-sized twin bed.

Bill emphasises that the proof of the caravan’s efficacy is because it’s hard to find any secondhand. They hold their value and most owners keep their beloved caravan for life. This is definitely one case where retro is better than future-forward.

Read Bill's full review of the Eriba Touring Triton 420.

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