Miles’ Motorhome Dreams 15 Years in the Making


Raye and Graham Miles

Having been on the road in various motorhomes for over 15 years, Raye and Graham Miles knew what they wanted. Their love for the lifestyle began in a Leyland Sherpa, and their travels have seen them spend four and a half years tiki touring around New Zealand in a seven metre bus.

Having tried it all, their discerning taste took them to Wilderness. When it was time to upgrade, they couldn’t look past the Bürstner brand. They were awestruck by the impeccable finishings, and the instant sense of comfort and quality provided by the Bürstner motorhomes.

While it was the quality that caught their eye, Raye also compliments the sales and after sales service teams for listening to their every aspiration and capturing their hearts.

“There’s nothing Nandor couldn’t have done for us, he really was exceptional.”

“It ended up that the toilet and bathroom configuration of the motorhome we initially purchased wasn’t quite right for us – it was just one of those things we didn’t realise until we were using it in practice. So before we knew it, we got a call from Wilderness offering the Ixeo IT680G as a trade. They wanted to do everything possible to ensure we had the perfect fit. Not only do we now have a layout that suits us better, we have an added garage at the back too,” enthuses Raye.

Since being on the road with their Ixeo IT680G, they’ve been delighted to discover the drivability of their Bürstner is also a highlight.

“It really does drive like a car, unlike any other motorhome we’ve had,” says Raye. “It just further adds to the comfort factor, whether it’s popping over to our friends’ house for dinner and a driveway stay, or going off the grid, this level of performance and flexibility is important to us. It makes the experience stress-free as it should be,” she adds.

“Other comfort features like the quality of the heating and hot water systems have also ensured our newest addition is all that we’d hoped for.”

“We thrive on our independence. One of our favourite ways to make the most of our motorhome is to visit our son in Te Aroha. We can get the bikes out and spend time with our grandchildren, but also be completely independent with our own space,” explains Raye.

“We get a lot of compliments on the craftsmanship and quality. We’ve also had a few people ask us if the driver’s side exit door is a problem, and we honestly tell them it’s not. The size and manoeuvrability of the vehicle means we’ve never had an issue, and I really don’t see us ever finding it a problem.”

The Miles enjoying their freedom with their Bürstner Ixeo IT680G

As serious motorhomers, Raye and Graham have seen much of what New Zealand has to offer. But their intrepid nature and curious mindset has them craving for more. When they set off for the South Island this summer, it could take them on another four-year journey, and they’re doing it in comfort and style this time.

“We are very fortunate to have the freedom and lifestyle to follow where the roads take us. We used to envy others who were out there exploring, and now it’s our reality."

“We’re very grateful that we’re doing it as part of the Bürstner family. We’ve already made some great friends, including meeting a fellow Bürstner Owner Club member at North Shore hospital of all places!”

“While you’ve got your health, do it,” says Raye. “It’s the best thing we’ve ever done. And doing it with Wilderness, you won’t ever regret it.”

To explore how a Bürstner motorhome could be the perfect fit for you, call Wilderness on 0800 007 627.

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