Plants for Your Motorhome


Plants for your Motorhome

Plants add a homely touch to any space – they instantly lift spirits and help to clean the air. If you’re a plant-lover there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy their company when you’re in your motorhome too. There’s a huge trend for indoor plants now, with more than ever readily available at garden centres. While you’ll need to leave the larger kentia palms behind, there are several plants that are well suited to the travelling life. Here’s our pick of the best plants to take on the road.


African Violets

These are ideal indoor plants as they are reasonably small, come in a wide range of colours, and need only minimal care. They are happiest in indirect light and are best watered by placing in a container of water to absorb from the base, as their leaves can go blotchy from water splashes. Let them dry out before watering again.


Maidenhair fern

This fern has beautiful bright green foliage and will brighten any space. It enjoys medium to bright indirect light. Keep the soil moist.

Hen and Chicken Fern
This New Zealand native has soft feathery fronds and thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Water it every 1 – 2 weeks and keep it away from strong draughts.


These plants come in a wonderful array of textures and colours and are more than happy living indoors with access to light. Most garden centres have miniature versions too, which are ideal for smaller spaces.

Jade Plant
A popular example, with bright green glossy leaves that are tinged with red. It needs only occasional watering, loves bright light and symbolises friendship, luck and prosperity (all great things to have when you’re travelling!).

A compact, leafy succulent that produces brightly coloured clusters of flowers. Thrives in bright indirect sunlight. Keep away from draughts and water once or twice a week.

Aloe vera
This variety of succulent not only looks attractive, but its green spiky leaves can be broken open and the gel inside used as a topical treatment for burns (especially good for sunburn), cuts and scrapes. It enjoys bright light but indirect can be best, as too much sun can turn its leaves brown. Water sparingly, as too much water can cause its roots to rot.


These make wonderful container plants and are handy to have on the road to freshen up dishes (and drinks!).

A small herb planter is ideal for soft herbs like basil, parsley and coriander and would fit onto most storage shelves with rails. Mint is larger, but a great addition to summer drinks and salads, or chop finely over chilled watermelon to serve. Keep herbs moist and out of direct sunlight to prevent them wilting.


If you’re parking up for an extended period be aware of where your plant is in relation to sunlight and move it around according to its needs. You’ll need to secure it while travelling – most motorhomes feature a safety rail on shelves to prevent items falling out. You could tuck a container plant or small planter box onto a shelf, or for larger plants, store them in the sink while driving. Remember to remove them from your motorhome once you’re home again too!

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