The Carado T449 Delivers on a Repeat Performance


Wilderness Motorhome Carado T449 2018

iMotorhome reviewer Richard Robertson is back on New Zealand soil putting one of our excellent European motorhomes, the Carado T449, to the test – this time with adverse weather conditions on the wild West Coast of the South Island.

It’s the second time Richard has experienced the Carado T449, offered via our rental business. The first was with his wife, enjoying eight days of leisure touring from Auckland to Christchurch in near perfect conditions.

This time he’s on his own, on a scouting trip, and the weather conditions couldn’t be more different. Yet while the unpredictability of the weather is hard going, the assuring predictability of a high quality European motorhome is, according to Richard, what sets Wilderness vehicles and Wilderness rentals apart.

“The only commonality [between my two trips] is the motorhome, and what a great little machine she’s turned out to be. Travelling again in the same model provides a rare and invaluable glimpse into its real character,” he says.

He points out that travelling this time in colder and very wet weather means the years of experience of the designers and engineers at the Hymer Group head office in Germany are shown to good effect.

“The sleek nose of the B-class body means [the vehicle] isn’t prone to too much bobbing and weaving in strong crosswinds or when meeting oncoming semis at speed. Yet the clever pull-down bed over the dinette provides sleeping for four, or a secondary bed for a couple, without the fuel penalty, handling compromises and clearance issues of a ‘traditional’ C-class.”

“This is a cocooning motorhome that’s cosy and welcoming, and the lack of bare metal, condensation and draughts make it feel like a ‘motor home’ in the truest sense.”

The heating was a stand out feature notes Richard, with no less than seven outlets around the campervan. “Warmth simply permeates the vehicle, while it’s whisper quiet and can be left on low all night without disturbing sleep,” he praises.

As he aptly sums up at the end of the article, home is where you park it, and right now for Richard, home is in the Wilderness.

If you’re interested in seeing if the Carado can be your home away from home, read the full article here, and visit us in Auckland or Christchurch to view the motorhome.




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