Timely Take on Bürstner's Mid-Range Ixeo Time IT590


Have your very own Bürstner Ixeo Time IT590 in New Zealand

The Ixeo Time IT590 sits within our mid-range Bürstner options, and as Motorhome, Caravans and Destinations reviewer Bill Savidan outlines, while it’s moderate in length, it’s definitely not short on space or style.

He compliments the build quality, the sensible layout and the motorhomes aesthetics – all the key attributes we love about our Bürstner motorhomes too.

He provides a good picture – discussing the large lounge at the front, kitchen amidships and a nicely set-up bathroom right across the rear. All of which, he notes, are more spacious than many motorhomes a metre or more longer.

“But where’s the bedroom? Has there been a mistake? Big lounge; big bathroom; but they’ve forgotten the bed,” Bill muses.

“This is the clever part. It’s there all along, hovering in the ceiling; a drop-down bed that is unobtrusive, easy to deploy with lots of bed space. Turn the key, press the button and down it comes to seat cushion height.”

In the same smart use of space, Bill comments that the Ixeo Time IT590 has plenty of room for entertaining, as a six-to-seven seater, with neutral and restful décor.

He is equally enamoured with the rest of the motorhome, including the style and functionality of the bathroom and rear storage.

All of this combined with a thorough look at the solid construction techniques, the heating unit, the entertainment system and the Fiat powered engine that drives ‘like a joy’ makes for a helpful expert’s take on the Ixeo Time IT590.

Read the rest of Bill’s review, with a quick glance at pros and cons.

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