Get Ready for Summer Checklist

Prepare your motorhome for summer escapades before the temperature begins to heat up. Download our summer road trip checklist and work through important safety inspections and vital maintenance jobs.

The great New Zealand outdoors promises long summer days full of fun and relaxation. Beaches, lakes and rivers are just waiting for you to park up and dive in.

But first it’s important to make sure your motorhome is ready for summer travelling. Safety tasks like sanitising your fresh water tank and maintenance jobs such as lubricating rubber seals are essential leading into the hotter months of summer.

Download our checklist and take your time to work through it — before the heat settles in.

About this checklist

Our printable checklist outlines the tasks that will help get your motorhome ready for summer, such as:

  • Safety inspections
  • Maintenance jobs
  • Summer motorhome items.