What's Inside a Premium Motorhome?

We know that buying a motorhome is a big purchase and requires a lot of thought and research, after all, you are buying a house on wheels! There are so many options out there, new jargon to learn, a lot of burning questions to answer, and several important things to consider to make sure it matches the motorhome lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of.

So we’re here to help go through the ins and outs and provide a guide to choosing the perfect motorhome for you.

Our eBook covers:

  • What’s the right length & layout for me?
  • How many people can sleep in a motorhome, is it cramped?
  • Are there different bathroom layouts?
  • What is the motorhome living area like?
  • Is there enough room in a motorhome kitchen?
  • Is there enough storage in a motorhome?
  • What is the motorhome entertainment system like?
  • What other features should I consider?
  • What type of chassis?  How is it constructed?