Motorhome Cost of Ownership Calculator

Discover the cost of owning a motorhome in New Zealand

Wondering how much it costs to own a motorhome in New Zealand?

Owning your own motorhome gives you the freedom to hit the road anytime, so it’s no wonder that Kiwis are lining up in their thousands to purchase their first one.

The financial commitment that comes with being a motorhome owner goes beyond the initial investment. But just how much are the ongoing costs of motorhome ownership?

That’s where our motorhome cost of ownership calculator can help. We’ve designed this calculator to guide you through the costs of motorhome ownership so you can make an informed decision on whether owning a motorhome is right for you.

Our calculator includes the indicative costs of compliance, average running costs and depreciation plus more.

Simply enter the purchase price of your intended motorhome, whether your motorhome will be on a certificate of fitness (CoF) or warrant of fitness (WoF), where your motorhome will be stored (at home or in commercial storage). Our calculator will then give you an indicative yearly cost of ownership.