Motorhome Import Cost Calculator

We’ve designed this calculator to guide you through the costs of importing a new motorhome into New Zealand. We’ll help you make an informed decision about whether importing a motorhome is your best option.

How to use our import cost calculator

Simply enter the purchase price of the motorhome you plan to import in New Zealand dollars. The calculator will use this information to figure out all the empty fields — producing a total estimated import cost for bringing your motorhome into New Zealand.

Shipping costs have been calculated based on importing from the UK and are indicative only.

Motorhome purchase price (NZ$)
Shipping Costs*
Insurance (for shipping)
Total estimated shipping cost
Government Charges
Total estimated landed cost
On Arrival Compliance Costs
Self containment
Total on arrival compliance cost

Before you decide to go ahead with purchasing that new motorhome from overseas, you’ll want to ensure you’ve accounted for the additional costs of importing it into the country. These costs are clarified under the import cost calculator assumptions tab below.

Our import cost calculator will help you determine whether importing a motorhome is your best option from a financial standpoint. But there are also non-financial factors to consider before making your final decision.

Navigating the process of importing an RV into New Zealand will likely be more stressful than visiting a few local motorhome specialists. You’ll need to deal with the shipping company, organise customs paperwork and make sure your motorhome meets New Zealand’s safety and compliance requirements.

Purchasing locally through a dealer will come with a local warranty and after sales support. You’ll find it more convenient to compare options in person and to purchase a motorhome that already meets New Zealand compliance standards.

You’ll also be able to connect with motorhome community groups who can offer advice and support. 

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Once you’ve assessed the total cost of importing a motorhome into New Zealand, get in touch with our team to compare this with purchasing direct from a dealer.