Motorhome Pre-Purchase
Due Diligence Checklist

Whether you're looking to purchase a brand new motorhome or a used one, this checklist outlines the most important advice from motorhome experts that all have a role to play in protecting you as a motorhome buyer.

For many people who own a house, buying a motorhome is the second most expensive outlay they will ever make. For that reason alone, it is imperative that the purchase process not be rushed. Even though it is not a particularly difficult procedure, it can be overwhelming particularly for those who have never owned a motorhome before.

About this printable and handy checklist:

Our due diligence checklist covers the procedures for purchasing:

  • a new motorhome
  • a used motorhome from a dealer
  • a used motorhome from a private seller

Many people find purchasing a car something of a stressful process. Even more so with a much more expensive motorhome. By having a simple checklist and doing a little bit of research along the way, the entire procedure becomes much smoother.