Bürstner’s Innovative Drop Down Bed


Gaining a restful night’s sleep on the road is vital for being able to do what you want to do the next day. However, time spent preparing your bed in the evening, and then dismantling it before breakfast, can zap your energy levels before your day even begins.


Burstner's drop down bed above the dining space


German motorhome manufacturer Bürstner have always been a modern, sophisticated company with a desire to innovate — and by creating their drop down beds, they exceeded expectations.

In this article, we’ll explain the background behind Bürstner’s drop down bed while also outlining its groundbreaking design and substantial benefits.



The story of Bürstner’s drop down bed

Motorhomes naturally have limited floor space. Figuring out how to best utilise this space is an ongoing challenge for motorhome designers.

While a fixed bed is a lot more comfortable and convenient than traditional beds assembled from the motorhome’s lounge cushions, they do take up considerably more floor space. The drop down bed, a revolutionary design pioneered by Bürstner, addresses the floor space issue without compromising on comfort or convenience.


Burstner Lyseo IT744 drop down beds



An innovative award winner

Bürstner’s drop down bed promptly became an award-winning innovation that other motorhome manufacturers attempted to replicate. At the simple push of a button, you could:

  • Lower your bed to get some rest
  • Raise the bed when you didn't need it — to create more space.

Burstner TD 744 MY2022 Interior main bedroom bed down step out


Evolution of Bürstner’s drop down bed

Launched in 2009, the earliest drop down bed in a semi-integrated motorhome replaced the second bed in the dinette. It used to be an added chore to make up this bed with linen and blankets — after lowering the table and assembling the seat cushions into the right configuration.

This original drop down bed was transverse — meaning it ran east to west across the inside of the motorhome. Later versions offered electrical operation instead of manual. 

The design further evolved to align lengthwise (north to south) like an island bed with access from both sides.

In 2015, Bürstner introduced the electrical drop down bed which was height adjustable. This evolution let you lower the bed down to the height of the lounge seats — doing away with the need for a ladder.

This again set the brand apart from the crowd.

Perhaps the biggest game changer since the initial launch of Bürstner’s drop down bed was the introduction of longitudinal drop down beds in both the rear and front of the motorhome.

Burstner TD 744 Interior lounge area with bed above


This created two living areas and even more available space — with both beds able to be stored in the ceiling during the day.

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The benefits of Bürstner’s drop down beds

Motorhome and campervan innovation can often lead to more efficient use of space — and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Bürstner’s drop down bed.

Maximum living space

A major advantage of Bürstner’s drop down bed is that it helps to maximise your motorhome’s living area without compromising comfort and convenience. The creative space-saving design means that this bed can easily be stored against the ceiling when you’re not using it. As a result, you’ll enjoy:

  • An increase in available floor space, and
  • A feeling of spaciousness — by simply having your bed out of sight during the day.

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Burstner TD 744 dropdown bed and ladder


Effortless to use

When you can organise your bed at the push of a button, you’re on to a winner. The convenience of easily lowering your bed into place when you need it will likely increase your enjoyment of travelling by motorhome.


Before the drop down bed, it was commonplace to transform a motorhome’s wraparound lounge or dinette into a bed made up from seat cushions. You’d need to expend energy and time making up your bed every single evening — then packing it away again in the morning.

Preparing one of Bürstner’s drop down beds is super convenient. All you have to do is lower your bed at the push of a button and place your pillows — saving energy and time.


Comfortable sleeping in motorhomes was sometimes an afterthought — particularly for the additional berth in the dining area.

Then along came the drop down bed with its slatted base and flexible rubber supports, to cushion your body’s movement while taking care of your back. It also now features Bürstner’s five zone memory foam mattress — which optimally distributes your body weight.

These advancements in space utilisation and bed design all add up to greater comfort and a more restful sleep for you.

Burstner TD 744 Interior dropdown bed


Able to invite guests

With a drop down bed in the living area, in addition to your rear bedroom, you’ll be able to invite friends along for the trip. Or you may even strike up nightly card games with fellow campers and be able to offer them a bed for the evening.


The latest clever feature of Bürstner’s drop down bed is the ability to adjust its height. Because you’re able to select the height that suits you best, you can essentially customise the space to your specific needs.

The drop down bed already offers comfortable sleeping without taking up valuable floor space. But by being height adjustable, the bed:

  • Becomes more accessible for people of all ages and abilities
  • Can be lowered closer to the floor to make it easier for you and your partner to get in and out.

Whether you’re old, young or somewhere in between, and you have a mobility issue, a drop down bed could be the solution you’re looking for. And ultimately, you’ll enjoy more flexibility in how the space within your motorhome can be used.


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Bürstner are renowned for their innovation and they continue to lead the way and raise the bar with new features that provide greater convenience for you — the motorhome owner.

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