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SmartRV motorhomes on a Fiat Ducato chassis

There are so many considerations when it comes to choosing a motorhome – from the number of people you need to sleep, to storage requirements, your preferred layout, and even the upholstery and finish. But the less visible parts are just as important, especially when it comes to on-road performance and safety. It’s reassuring to know that when you buy from Wilderness you don’t need to wonder whether you’ve got the right chassis as well, because most of the motorhomes for sale through Wilderness use the industry-leading Fiat Ducato base.

The Italian-made base has just been voted ‘Best Camper Base 2018’ by specialist magazine Promobil, taking the award for the 11th year in a row. The leading German publication has been a respected voice in the recreational vehicle sector for more than 25 years and its recognition confirms Fiat Ducato as the ideal leisure vehicle base.

Fiat Ducato is the only base specifically created for motorhomes. Launched in 1981, it was designed and developed in collaboration with the top motorhome producers in Europe and has evolved ever since to meet the needs of the motorhome audience. Ducato is built at the Sevel Sud Plant in the Val di Sangro, which is Europe's largest light commercial vehicle plant.

The benefits of the Fiat Ducato chassis include superior workmanship and particular attention paid to ergonomics. Motorhomes on the Fiat Ducato chassis drive more like a car, thanks to the axially adjustable steering wheel. The controls are intuitive and easily within reach, while the cabs are designed to ensure maximum comfort and offer a relaxing and quiet environment. The Fiat Ducato chassis also offers an excellent turning circle, meaning manoeuvring your motorhome is much easier, even if you’re caught in a tight spot.

At Wilderness, every Carado and Bürstner motorhome (whether it is integrated or semi-integrated) sits on an award-winning Fiat Ducato chassis so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is on the best base available. And that’s the bottom line.


Fiat Ducato has key upgrades in performance, environmental impact, safety and refinement on its new Series 8.

Learn about Fiat Ducato Series 8 here.



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