Let us sell your motorhome for you

Put your motorhome in the hands of our team of Bürstner, Carado and HYMER experts. 



What is an On Behalf sale?

If you're thinking about selling your motorhome - whether you're upgrading, downsizing or just ready for a change - but don't have the time, energy or know-how to do it yourself, we can do the leg work for you. Our team can take the hassle out of selling your motorhome by selling it on your behalf. There's no need to do the advertising, deal with prospective buyers (genuine or not-so-genuine), negotiate the sale and hand the motorhome over to the new owner. We can do it all for you.

What are the benefits of doing an On Behalf to sell your motorhome?


✓ Buyer confidence

Some buyers will only purchase from a licenced motor vehicle dealer. That's because they have more consumer rights than if they buy privately. Dealers must comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) and the Fair Trading Act (FTA) which means the buyer has comeback if anything goes wrong with the motorhome.

✓ Better sale price

We are the exclusive New Zealand distributor of HYMER, Bürstner and Carado motorhomes. We know these motorhomes and the market better than anyone else. Our expertise will ensure we get a premium price for your motorhome.

✓ Access to our leads

We have an extensive database of qualified leads waiting to purchase a German motorhome.

✓ High performing advertising

Our marketing team will list your motorhome on our high performing marketing channels.

✓ Less hassle

Our professional sales team will handle the enquiries, questions, meetings, and any viewings of your motorhome. Once the sale is complete, we will do a thorough orientation of the motorhome with the new owner.

How does an On Behalf sale work?

  1. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your specific needs.
  2. We will review your motorhome and agree on any work required to get it ready for sale.
  3. We will agree on a price.
  4. We start the advertising and sales process and liaise with you every step of the way.
  5. We sell your motorhome and transfer the proceeds to you minus our commission.
  6. We hand the motorhome over to the new owner.