Motorhome Review: Burstner Nexxo T690G and T685


Burstner Nexxo T685 for sale from SmartRV

Writer Bill Savidan compares the Bürstner Nexxo T690G and T685 as they arrive freshly refurbished from their short time on the Wilderness Motorhome Rental fleet.

In his review for Motorhomes Caravans & Destinations magazine, he finds that while identical “up front”, the motorhomes’ differing bed and bathroom layouts will appeal to different buyers.

Whether you prefer the twin beds and combined bathroom of the Nexxo T690G, or the island bed and separate shower and toilet of the Nexxo T685, Bill also notes the practical kitchen and dining spaces in both and the high standard of their preparation for sale.

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Discover more about the Bürstner Nexxo T685 and the Bürstner Nexxo T690G – available for sale from Wilderness.

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