Burstner Ixeo Time IT586 Shapes up Well in the Wilderness


Bürstner Ixeo Time IT586 motorhome parked on a field

iMotorhome magazine reviewer Malcolm Street visited Auckland for the recent Covi Show and we had the pleasure of providing his ‘home’ while he was here.

In his touring test review he describes the “cute and compact” Ixeo Time IT586 as easy to handle and a breeze to manoeuvre.

“Short enough for a single car space, just throw on a couple of bikes and you have an excellent city and country explorer.”

He notes the kitchen is surprisingly generous and the lounge configuration has everything you need. He particularly liked the fold down bed where he could leave everything set up overnight.

Malcolm has just recently finished a Route 66 tour in the United States, where one of the motorhomes was a 4 berth that measured 7.26 metres in length (the IT586 is 5.9 metres). He comments that while it was bigger and had more interior room, it didn’t compare to the Ixeo.

“In terms of effective space usage, light weight, fuel consumption and general ease of driving, for two people, this Bürstner Ixeo Time IT586 wins the race very easily!”

Although this model is no longer available new, it makes for sound second hand buying, especially as it’s backed by Wilderness's excellent after sales support.

For further information or to view the Ixeo Time IT586, call us on 0800 007 627 (Auckland) or 0800 007 628 (Christchurch) to organise an appointment.

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