2022 Lyseo TD745


The innovative layout of the Bürstner Lyseo TD745 has redefined space and comfort in a motorhome. The secret is the longitudinally oriented queen bed that tucks away into the ceiling. Relax in a super spacious lounge during the day then turn easy living into easy sleeping with the convenience of a permanent island bed that’s easy to get in and out of.

Actual motorhome interior may vary from photos.



  • Number of People 4 people
  • Bed Layout Fold down
  • bathroom Combined toilet &...
  • Motorhome Length 7.49m
  • cof_wof COF
  • new_status New

Interior Layout

  • Two large lounge areas with large windows and loads of natural light in the rear lounge
  • Fold down queen bed in rear with longitudinal orientation
  • Spacious combined bathroom

(Also available with a transverse bed in TD744 model.)


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